Thank you, Bill!

Friends of a friend!

Friends of a friend!

About two years ago the Salmon Animal Shelter started receiving a generous monthly donation from Bill who lived in Tacoma.  Month after month his checks arrived yet no one involved with the Lemhi County Humane Society knew who he was.  For every donation we sent Bill a thank you note.

We wondered why Bill was sending monthly checks to our shelter in Salmon, Idaho.  We were certainly pleased yet our curiosity was aroused.  Bill became a sort of pen pal with the volunteer who sends the thank you’s.  She started telling him about happenings at the Shelter.

In July, 2013, Bill included a note with his check.  He was coming to Salmon!  An invitation was extended to him to contact us because we wanted to meet him and give him a tour of our shelter.  He graciously accepted and we finally learned who Bill is.

Bill has vacationed in Salmon for years and decided his donation would probably make a bigger difference to the Salmon Animal Shelter.  He has a soft spot for dogs and since he knows older dogs are harder to place, he opens his home and his heart to them.  He shared a picture of the two he currently shares his life with.

We gave Bill a tour of our facility and showed how donations such as his make a difference.  Bill went back to Tacoma and then another check was received.  Included in it was a delightful note which he ok’d posting.  It reads in part:  “I was very impressed with your shelter and all the hard work you put into it.  I would say the happiest most animal friendly shelter I have ever seen.

Thank you, Bill!!!