Brother Mo’s Llamas Find Forever Homes

labama n moses

The llamas below a ribbon of light.


A Lemhi County resident, Sally, recently wrote to the LCHS.  We thought all of you would enjoy –

“I was first drawn to the llamas when I noticed a posting on the Salmon Animal Shelter facebook page for Moses. I was told that Moses had found a home already, but that there was yet another llama that needed a home, so I agreed to take that one. Only problem was, we had to go out and catch this one!

I agreed to be a part of the capture effort so when Carol Yerden got word that the llama had been spotted up Hayden Creek I met up with her and Chuck Kempner – the llama whisperer – at the shelter and we set out to meet the rest of the capture crew. This included Fran Tonsmier and her ranch hand who, it turns out, could lasso just about anything, which is how we finally managed to catch the llama. I know all of us felt great joy knowing that we saved this guy’s life and it was without question a good thing to do. From the moment we caught him I started calling him Labama – don’t know why, but that’s his name now.

A couple days after Labama came to live at my place Carol called to check in on him, and let me know that the first llama, Moses, was in need of a different home. Things weren’t working out well at his first home, so Carol asked if I might be willing to take Moses also. What the heck! I thought it might be nice for the two llamas to be together again, after all they’ve been through, so agreed to take on Moses.

It turns out that Moses had been the dominant animal when they lived on Hayden Creek, so the last few days have been very interesting watching the two males do what llamas do to try to reestablish the pecking order. I think we are finally coming to a peace settlement and the two are starting to settle down together.

Besides the two llamas I have two dogs, two cats, one Scarlett Macaw Parrot, two pygmy goats, one La mancha milking goat, chickens, and an Arabian/Draft horse. Many of these were rescues and I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I can honestly say that rescuing an animal gives me the most joy I’ve ever had.”

Thank you for all the love you share, Sally!