Shelter Cats/Kittens & Holiday Toys

Sometimes it is fun to pick up the Lemhi County Humane Society (LCHS) mail.  One never knows what may be in the post office box.  Donation checks are exciting to open.  Last week was a holiday experience – literally.  A visit to the office window with the yellow card in hand was exchanged for a large and bulky padded envelope.Bulky Padded Envelope

Crocheted Cat Toys

Crocheted Cat Toys

The contents:  a note plus two gallon size plastic bags full of cat toys!  The toys are made primarily out of yarn and are very colorful and festive looking.  How very thoughtful (and creative) of Denise in Missoula, Montana.


Some background:  In October, 2013, twelve of our Salmon Animal Shelter dogs were transported to an adoptathon in Missoula, MT.  (As a WONDERFUL side note, 100% of our dogs were adopted.)   Mike, one of the transporters, noticed every cat at the Humane Society of Western Montana facility had a handmade toy hanging on their cage.  He was told a “cat” lady made and donated a toy for every single cat that came into and was adopted out of the Missoula shelter.

Shortly, thereafter, the first bag of yarn toys arrived for our Salmon Animal Shelter cats and kittens.  They were a hit!

Pictures speak louder than words –

Winnie, 2 years old, was formerly a feral cat.  He started life in a cat colony next door to the old Beam Plant.  He was brought to the Shelter starving with respiratory issues, ear mites and runny eyes.  He was brought back to health by the Shelter staff.  He has his forever home and refuses to go outside.  Instead he chooses to adorn the piano when it is not being played.

A Toy - for me?

A Toy – for me?



A purrfect Winnie approved toy.





The two 6-month old orange boys (EllisU and Sooner) are outside barn cats who also spend time on the deck and in the house.  One is a former Shelter kitten and the other was a rescued feral kitten who is as tame and loving as can be today.

Check it!

Check it out!


This is very interesting.

This is very interesting.




And then there is Peg Leg.

He is still at the Shelter and is temporarily caged.  While in the free roaming cat room he had too much fun playing in the spinning wheel and broke his leg.   He is now out of his cast and no worse for the wear.

TOO Much Fun  :(

TOO Much Fun 🙁


More fun at the Shelter!

Peg Leg would LOVE to find his forever family.  If you adopt him he’ll even let you play with HIS toys.







Just yesterday a Salmon “cat” lady, Judith, donated a large box of yarn.  Thank you, Judith!  Yep we know whose hands we want this yarn to fall into.

Someone named Denise who makes beautiful and very much appreciated yarn cat toys.  Thank you, Denise!

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  1. Denise Small

    Thank you for posting the photos. It is a joyous Christmas gift to see the toys are being played with and helping your cats have Meowy Christmases. I so admire all the hard work that you folks do and hope to be making and sending bouncy cat toys for a long time to come. Please pet all those wonderful kitties from their Auntie Denise in Missoula.

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