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PETFINDER AD:  Very Active Dog Needs Very Active Owner

I am sooooo happy!

I am sooooo happy!

Lucy left the Shelter in 2010 as a cute cuddly puppy with lots of love to give.  She came back to the Shelter in 2012 as a 70 pound big dog with lots of love to give. 

You had to be able to brace yourself for the love.  Lucy expressed her love and enthusiasm for life by JUMPING!  Lucy was a recycle dog.  Sadly the recycle rate at the Salmon Animal Shelter runs at 30%.

Lucy’s picture was posted on PetFinder.  Her description:  a very active dog.  She would do best in a household where she receives plenty of EXERCISE and attention.

Into the picture comes Lynne – a very active woman who dotes on her animals.  She had recently lost a dog and she needed a companion dog for her 3-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback.  Drifter, was turning into an old dog without a play companion because he did not know how to play alone.  Lynne remembered seeing Lucy’s picture as a pup but at the time she did not need another dog.  But she did now.

Lynne called the Shelter and yes Lucy was still available.  (Please come and get her – just kidding.)  When Lynne arrived Lucy had just finished counter surfing and had eaten Mike’s (Shelter employee) piece of flaky crusted peach pie.  Eaten – well more like inhaled.  Mike still talks about how he was salivating for that piece of pie.

Yet Lynne willingly took her home on a trial basis to see how she fit in.

Bark Bark Bark

Bark Bark Bark

  All the way home the exuberant dog barked and barked.  Then she barked some more.



When Rick and Lynne returned Lucy to the Shelter, Shelter employee Mike’s face fell. 

The “name” Lucy had to go.  Rick and Lynne had come to complete the adoption paperwork for Jinx!  Lynne and Rick saw potential in this goofball of a dog.


Adoption Day

She is still a high energy dog but she and Drifter are known to wear each other out – either by racing in their 3-acre yard or on their mega-hikes.  She still barks and barks in the vehicle.  Some things just don’t change.

I'm Waiting...

I’m Waiting…

  However, her weight did.  She is now a whopping 90-pound dog which is her “healthy” weight.

Another change – Jinx is no longer underfoot when she hikes.  She has lost her fear of abandonment!

A silly girl on the hunt!

A goofball on the hunt

Hurry Up

Hurry Up

Sitting Pretty!

Sitting Pretty!

Drifter and Jinx are the best of pals.  It is expected they will watch many more sunsets together now that Jinx is in her “forever home.”

Best Forever Friends

Best of Pals